Whole30 Again

In October, I completed a Whole30, a 30 day dietary reset where you don’t consume gluten, grains, dairy, legumes, alcohol, or (eek!) added sugar of any kind.


It was challenging. It kicked my butt. It was exactly what I needed after 8 months of trying to change some unhealthy postpartum eating habits. It showed me how amazing my body could feel again when given better fuel.


I went into the 30 days with the sole goal of losing weight, but I came out of it with so much more. Whole30 calls these “Non Scale Victories.” Here were some of mine:

  • My knees had been hurting since Juniper was born. They don’t hurt anymore.
  • My hunger cues returned- I knew when I really wanted to eat vs when I was just bored.
  • My sugar cravings subsided by week 3 and disappeared by week 4.
  • I got thirsty more often and drank more water
  • I started wanting to exercise again by week 3. By week 4 I was working out 4 xs a week because my body craved it!
  • My self confidence sky rocketed. My anxieties went to the back burner and I felt like I could accomplish anything.
  • Oh yeah, and I could fit back into my pre-preggo jeans again for the first time. You know, the kind with a zipper and button instead of elastic.

Sounds a little too good to be true, right? It’s amazing how what we eat really affects so many different aspects of our lives besides just how we look. I like the whole30 because the people who created it understand that this kind of eating is not sustainable. That’s why they stress that it’s a reset, not a diet. It’s meant to show you how your body reacts to the most commonly problematic food groups.

For instance, my Whole30 showed me that gluten makes me bloated, and other grains like oats and corn chips make me feel sluggish. I’m fine with drinking alcohol in moderation without any considerable consequences, legumes and dairy work well with my body, and too much added sugar very quickly has me throwing all my health goals out the window.

Finding the right dietary balance so that I can feel good but also enjoy special foods will be a lifelong process. But every time we choose to eat consciously, it gets easier to find that balance. That’s why I’m doing another Whole30 starting January 1st. If you want to start 2018 with a dedication to self care, I encourage you to join me! I’m hosting a private, free Facebook group to share recipes, daily tips, answer questions, and give support. Comment below, email, or message me to be added to the group. It’s only 30 days…you can do it!

If you’d like to learn more about the whole30, they have a phenomenal website. I’ve also been inspired by founder Melissa Hartwig’s book “Food Freedom Forever.

8 responses to “Whole30 Again”

  1. Tracy Bowen says:

    Sandy and I are in for Whole30 on January 1!! Would love to share ideas/recipes!!

  2. Sandy Wiggins says:

    We’re down with it, Tesser. Whole 30 in ’18!

  3. Lois Wiggins says:

    Hope to give it a try TessπŸ˜€. Tracy & Sandy (& Cleo) will be visiting on Jan. 5th, so we will compare notes. I picked up the Whole30 Book & cookbook at the library. Looks very healthy. I guess Granpop will be giving it a try too.😍

  4. Lee Ann Anderson says:

    Tess I was so inspired, impressed and very proud of you when I watched and saw your success in October. I have struggled and battled food addiction and depression most of my adult life. I have had some successes unfortunately they were not permanent. I have been thinking seriously this last month that I need to find something in my life to help me get back in control. Seeing you are taking on this challenge again maybe this is exactly what I was looking for. Therefore count me in! I know having support of others is a key to success. I look forward to taking on and being a part of your Whole 30 Challenge.

  5. rosewellness says:

    That’s wonderful Mom! So glad to have you joining in. I’ll add you to the Facebook group

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